Imagine solving all your marketing resource challenges

Now your national brand can take greater control of your local marketing with Marketing Resource Management (MRM), our advanced distributed marketing management and local marketing automation technology. MRM is an extraordinary online ordering platform and automated custom artwork generator that helps maintain brand consistency, ensures local affiliates can easily access and order your latest marketing materials, dramatically improves your marketing effectiveness, and so much more.

Ensure Brand Consistency

Our all-in-one software platform for distributed local marketing ensures brand consistency while helping marketing teams centralize content, streamline the creative workflow and increase collaboration.

Manage Assets

Give your local markets exceptional flexibility to automatically and securely access your latest branded marketing assets such as in-store POP and posters and manage their marketing to meet local conditions.

Build Customized Artwork on the Fly

Your local markets now have the ability to access branded materials and customize artwork on the fly to reflect their local marketing needs and eliminating the need to manually create versioning of artwork.

Order with Ease – Keep Marketing Current

Easy-to-use tools and services allow local markets to instantly access branded materials, order printing and shipping when needed and to wherever they need it! Also, no more worry about outdated materials.

Streamline Processes with Local Automation

With MRM’s built in automated processes, like approvals, notifications and security procedures, local branches can streamline operations, simplify marketing efforts and automatically join brand marketing campaigns.

Click for Print on Demand and Fulfillment

Local branches are able to quickly select or customize materials, and have materials printed consistently to national brand standards and delivered fast.

Access Reports & Analytics Instantly

Gain an incredible holistic view with access to a wide range of reports and analytics 24/7. Track the success of local campaigns, pinpoint print orders, what store ordered what, access budgets instantly and more.

Automate Everything, from Order to Invoice

Everything is automated from placing an order to generating invoices. MRM streamlines the entire process, eliminates human error and dramatically increases efficiencies.

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